California Vacation 2015

I find it completely appropriate to post the photos from our vacation in California on the first cold cold COLD day here in Chicago! The girls experienced their very first airplane ride last August as we made our way to California. (Note to self: never fly on standby with the kids ever again.) My aunt invited us to visit for her housewarming and we could not refuse! She graciously hosted us in her new home for the first half of our trip. Then we headed to southern California to visit Mickey at Disneyland for Lily's 6th birthday.

I'm not going to lie -- traveling with the three kiddos was definitely stressful at times! It helped so much to have my parents there with us (THANK YOU MOM & DAD!!!!!). Also, despite what you may have heard, Disneyland is NOT the happiest place on Earth lol. The lines were extremely long and the park was extremely crowded. Trust me, we expected no less but the girls have been begging to go and, honestly, they had such a great time so it was definitely worth it! If you are taking your little one on their birthday, make sure to get a "Happy Birthday" button. During the character parade at the end of the night, Cinderella wished Lily a happy birthday (thanks to the button) and it just about made her entire existence thus far! 

Fair warning: HUGE picture share ahead. Sorry, not sorry. ;)

All images were captured on my old trusty D90 with a 35mm lens. If I could go back, I would have brought the full frame and maybe one more lens (85mm). It was great traveling light though!