light & shadow

Week three of Brooke Snow's Natural Light class was all about lights and shadows. Brooke taught us ways to use "contrast to draw the eye" and our assignment this week was to capture an image in a contrasting lighting environment.

I have to say I had some difficulty this week. I tried several locations in my house (bedrooms, laundry room, bathroom, pantry - lol) and tweaked the light in several ways to increase contrast (partially closed blinds, closed blinds, slightly open doors, etc). The light was often not dramatic enough and looked too even for my liking.  

The image I ended up choosing for the assignment was taken in our family room. I shut all the blinds and the only light came from our sliding door with curtains partially drawn. Amelia is constantly on the move these days but I managed to lure her into my predetermined spot under the end table where I was able to frame her nicely.  I made sure the light hit her at an angle to avoid flat lighting her face which can result in loss of details like the shape of her cute little nose and her tiny lips. ;)

(Click image to enlarge)

1/125 sec at f/2.8, ISO 400 50mm