finding the light

It's week one of my second Brooke Snow class! I'm officially addicted.  I love her teaching style. This time I am taking her Natural Light: From Start to Finish class. I'm not kidding when I say that just her first week's worth of information has made this course completely worth it.

Our first lesson taught us about how to find the light whether indoors or outdoors.  The assignment was to capture one image without catch lights and one with catch lights.  Rainy weather kept us indoors most of the week therefore finding the light meant getting close to our windows and doorways.  I found that it was actually pretty challenging to capture a well exposed image indoors WITHOUT catch lights.  When I moved my subject away from windows and natural reflectors that created the catch lights, I had to increase my ISO and/or decrease my shutter speed too much and ended up with unusable images most of the time.  Luckily, it's those catch lights we want to see in our images! ;)

The following is my attempt to capture a shot without catch lights. It was pretty cloudy outside plus being indoors aaaaaand turning away from the window meant I had to crank that ISO way up to properly expose the image. I realize there is a little bit of catch lights in her eyes.  I told you it was difficult! hehe.

1/40 sec at f/2.8, ISO 2500

Here's my image with catch lights. Ahh what a difference! The mood of the image is completely different. So much more lively! I had her face the window this time which illuminated her face beautifully and gave her nice sparkly catch lights in her eyes.

1/125 sec at f/2.8, ISO 1600

With this second course, I decided to sign up as a premium student which means I get to have my images critiqued by the amazing Sarah Allred! Thanks in advance Sarah!