in motion

I signed up for my very first photography workshop! Up to this point, I've been completely self-taught by reading countless books, spending entirely way too much time on photography blogs, and even more time practicing on the girls and anyone willing to have my camera pointed in their direction. I figured it was about time to fill in those gaps in my knowledge.

I decided to take Brooke Snow's Mastering the Basics workshop and so far it's been amazing. I've been shooting in manual mode since the summer of 2011 but there are still some times I wonder why my shots aren't coming out the way I like. We're in the second week of the workshop and I've learned so much! Brooke explains the concepts in a way that's easy to understand and to quickly apply to real life scenarios. This week we started learning about shutter speed which is something I haven't used as a priority when deciding on the settings to use for a particular shot. Our assignment was to use shutter speed to capture motion in three ways: implied motion, frozen motion, and panning.

The first two illustrate implied motion using shutter speeds slower than 1/60 second.

These next two of Sophia illustrate frozen motion using fast shutter speeds. I love that she looks like she is flying away!

Finally, we learned about panning. I've never tried this technique before and, oh boy, was it a tough one! You follow the subject with your camera as they move past you. It was such a challenge to select the right shutter speed to create a dramatic enough effect while still keeping the subject in focus.

Obviously, the girls had a blast helping me with my assignment for this week! ;)